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"You can make an impact in a short life, but you have to life as though life is short." - Unknown


Christion's Impact

Christion had the amazing ability to connect with others, on and off the field, on the dance floor, behind the camera, anywhere he stepped foot. His impact will continue to be felt through all those who knew and loved him. 

Morehouse College

Men of Morehouse earn the distinction of the title by living up to the high standards and expectations set forth by Morehouse College. Standards achieved by many Black men of distinction, including Christion, a Morehouse Man.


Christion's light shined so bright, that many felt honored to recognize his many contributions to the communities in which he uplifted. Read the resolutions signed and delivered by various elected officials. 

Acts of Kindness

Christion was known for his kindness. Each year, the family will celebrate Christion's birthday by encouraging others to engage in random acts of kindness.

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